Hoptric 4.4%


12 x Cans (440ml)

This sensational American Pale Ale with notes of grapefruit, tangerine and lychee, has a long-lasting finish and wonderful aromas – naturally carbonated too. The trick is in our artful combination of hops.

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Hoptric – ALC 4.4% VOL

Look: Golden, Light Amber, Hazy

Taste: Crisp, refreshing, long lasting citrus finish with a hints of exotic fruits

Smell: Grapefruit, tangerine and lychee

Style: APA

The Oxford Colleges are renowned for their triptych paintings. Triptych has its origins in the Greek ‘triptykhos’ meaning ‘three layered’ which perfectly describes our hop-centric artisan beer – brewed with three of the USA’s finest hop varieties for triple the enjoyment…

All Our Beers Are Vegan And Vegetarian Friendly!

Weight 6.1 kg

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Alcohol Content

4.4% ABV

Case Size

12 Cans

Shelf Life

Approximately 6 months from the day it was canned


440ml / 44cl per can

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