How do I place an order?

Online – we accept online orders for nationwide* delivery and collection from our brewery. However, some products can only be ordered by calling us (see contact numbers below).

Phone orders – we process phone orders for local delivery, local collection and also for nationwide delivery*. Some products are not suitable for delivery via courier services and are only offered for collection and local delivery.

For phone orders, please call us on 01865 604620 and we will confirm availability and process your payment via our secure WorldPay terminal, and no card details are stored or written down.


What payment options do you offer?

PayPal – we offer payment via PayPal (no PayPal account needed) for nationwide deliveries via this website, and on request we will also access PayPal payments / transfers for phone orders.

Phone payments – we take payment over the phone via WorldPay for local collection, local delivery and also nationwide deliveries. No card details are written down or digitally stored.

Please note that for mini kegs, polypins and casks can only be ordered over the phone and the order will only be processed once payment has been received.


How do I order polypins and min kegs?

These products can only be ordered over the phone and are produced on demand, so there is a 24-hour lead time in getting the order ready for you.

Payment also needs to be made before the order is processed as due to the limited shelf life of polypins and mini kegs, they have to be consumed or discarded before they go off. So we only process confirmed orders to reduce waste.


What delivery options do you offer?

Please refer to the delivery page for details on collections, local and nationwide* delivery options and restrictions.


Why don’t you offer nationwide delivery on polypins?

We feel that polypins (bag in a box) are not strong enough to withstand your typical courier handling as well as polypins have a very limited shelf life (see shelf-life section) and delayed deliveries will have a negative impact on the freshness of our products.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Please refer to the dedicated shelf-life page for details on how long you can store and get the most out of beers.

We have partnered with APC couriers and are able to deliver many of our products to most regions in the UK, however this online shop can only handle orders for bottles/cans shipped in cases in England, Wales and Scotland, but not in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man & Channel Islands. If you need to arrange a delivery to an area not available on the website (when the shopping cart shows local collection as the only delivery option), then please give us a call on 01865 604620 to discuss your order and requirements.

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